Can you smoke on the limos, party buses and/or shuttle cars?
In order to keep the interiors of our fleet in perfect condition, we don't allow for smoking on the vehicles. However, with a Limousine or Party Bus rental, we offer unlimited stops and mileage. Therefore, you can take as many smoke breaks as you'd like.

Can I bring drinks aboard the limos and party buses?
YES! Because we are properly licensed by the state, you can bring your adult beverages aboard our vehicles. As long as everyone in your party is of legal drinking age, you are good to go.

How much of a deposit must I put down to reserve a limousine or party bus?
We only require a $200 deposit (over the phone; by credit or debit) to reserve your particular party bus or limo.

How much of an area does Limo St. Petersburg service?
Have a look at Our Service Area Map and you will have a good idea of all of the various areas that we pick up our clients in. We service a very wide area for your limousine, party bus and shuttle car needs; not just St. Petersburg.

Can children come with us?
Yes they can. We just want you to know that the vehicles don't have seat belts so make sure you keep an eye on the children in case the vehicle has to make a quick stop. There is no age limit on the vehicles but if there are those under 21 years of age on the vehicle, there cannot be any alcohol.

Any hidden fees we should be prepared for?
Like we said on our pricing page, we don't have any hidden fees. You will be aware of the exact price you have to pay and what it covers. The only extra fees you might have to pay is a cleaning fee, damage fee or anything along those lines.

Can we cancel at any time?
You cannot cancel at any time after you pay your deposit. We will remind you of this so that you are sure you would still like to reserve. You will have to pay even if you can't use the service. You can't change the date of your reservation. There is a chance that you can change the time or the vehicle but that depends on availability and how soon you ask.

Do we have to tip the driver?
Tipping is completely up to you. The drivers would be greatly appreciated if you tipped them. It shows them that you enjoyed the service they provided. In the end though, it's up to you if you want to tip and the amount you want to tip.

What if we end up wanting to stay a little longer?
That's fine. If you would like to stay a little longer, give us a call just to make sure that it's okay to do. You won't be charged a high fee for staying longer or being late by a few minutes. You will be charged your normal hourly rate. So stay as long as you want but know that the extra will need to be paid by cash at the end of your run.

What do you recommend for other areas?
Try out doing business with some of our highly recommended friands at Louisville Limo Buses and Limo Rental Flint.