We firmly believe that everyone should be able to afford a limo bus and the luxury that comes with it. That's why we offer low prices and excellent service. With us, you will get one price that covers everything. You will never be asked to pony up more money like other companies may do. We don't have any hidden fees. We will tell you everything your quote covers. Now of course, if the bus is damaged in any way or left in an extreme mess, you may have some charges you will have to pay. Besides splitting the price between all the passengers, there are other ways to keep the cost of renting low.

Our prices are always fluctuating. That's why we don't list the prices on our site. It could get pretty confusing to a customer trying to figure out the prices which would cause confusion and frustration. It's a lot better for customers to give us a call. That way we can give you an accurate quote. Firstly, the price reflects on the price of gas and parts to keep the buses maintained. Next, we have peak times where the price is a little higher than other times. Those times are during wedding and prom season. Then there are even days of the week that are slightly higher than other days. Saturdays and Fridays are the most expensive days. If you want to save a little bit, have your event at a non-peak time on a weekday.

When you call for your quote, it will cover everything for your reservation. That's why when you call, we need some information to make sure that it's accurate. When you call us, please have your name, phone number, email, date of service, time of service, number of passengers, pick up location and a credit or debit card. The contact information is just in case we need to contact you again either to confirm details or maybe to offer a discount. The date, time, number of passengers and pick up location is how we determine how much your service will cost. The credit or debit card is when you want to book your reservation, you have to pay a deposit. You will see our policies are standard. Feel free to shop around some competitors such as Fort Worth Limousine and KC Limo Service.

Having all the up about will also allow us to not take up much of your time. You can call us at any time, day or night. We always have booking agents that are ready to answer your calls and help you with anything. Call us today and see just how affordable it is for luxury transportation service from Limo St. Petersburg.